How do I enter my Pet in the Contest?
Simply click and any of the buttons located on the site that reference Pet Entry.  You will click on that tab which will take you to a screen where you will fill in your Pet’s name, your email and number of votes.  It costs $10 to enter your pet at which time they will receive 15 votes.  You can also increase the number of votes (donation) you wish up to $1,000.  Your Pet’s picture will now appear in the leaderboard standings.

How do I Vote?
You can add votes to your Pet’s Photo at any time during the contest even after you do the initial entry.  To VOTE, simply click on the Pet’s Picture and add votes to their total.  The votes will automatically be reflected in the standings and on the Leaderboard.  1 Dollar = 1 VOTE

What Might I WIN?
Prizes are supplied by 4-Leg Treats featuring USDA, Nebraska Beef Jerky Treats.  The Jerky is Liver, Lung and Spleen, superfoods if you believe the literature.  We have also included our Chews which are beef esophagus rings that are loaded with collagen and chondroitin and cut like onion rings.  A great alternative to chews in the Market today.  We know for sure the nutritional profile will promote better health and longevity for your Pet.  Each Contest will award up to 10 Places with first Prize receiving a healthy supply of our Treats (14 Bags) along with a special surprise.

All prizes will be shipped out at the end of the campaign which you should receive within 10 days.

Voting Ends Dec 10, 2024