Our Fundraiser

Who We Are
4-Leg brings two of our passions together when are helping pet rescues financially and providing a nutritious treat all supported within our Fundraising Platform. With our dedicated 4-Leg Fundraising team running the Campaign, rescues will be able to fully concentrate on their ‘front line’ mission while we manage the Pet Treat Campaign and bring it to your supporters.

All of our Platforms, sites, and technology stack is owned and operated by the 4-Leg Team. The Pet Photo Contest is the latest of 4-Leg’s offerings with proprietary software designed with the Photo Contest processes and objectives in mind. Because of this, we can address any issues fully and immediately.

Our Mission
Supporting shelters across America is our way of showing we care. With your participation in our pet photo contest, you're supporting our mission of empowering rescues and animal-centric organizations. TOGETHER we can provide hope to animals in their search of finding loving families and forever homes.

Our History
The 4-Leg Team has provided our Fundraising Platform to 501C3’s for over 10 years. The 4-Leg Franchise is a technology driven group who design, build and implement Fundraising tools to support their Platform. 4-Leg works with Animal Welfare groups across the United States being an integral partner to their fundraising efforts. Our mission is help groups realize their fundraising potential and meet the financial goals necessary to support their own Mission.

Voting Ends Dec 10, 2024